Monday, August 25, 2008

Courage In The Face of Certain Death

Senator Edward Kennedy spoke at the Democratic National Convention today. In his short but eloquent speech from the convention stage, Sen. Kennedy reminded me about what courage meant. Just the fact that he was there today - eight weeks post surgery for a particularly nasty Glioblastoma Multiformae - was an object lesson in courage. At 76 years of age Sen. Kennedy has lived a life few will be able to imagine.

His being at the convention reminded me of the few days in February that Bhaskar actually went back to work. Just the fact that he went back - even if it was just for a few days - set an example that will serve us well.

It is now almost two months since Bhaskar passed away. I often wonder what he thought of in those last weeks and days. In between his frequent hospital visits, he did have periods of relative calm at home - time that must have been both precious and tortuous at once. Precious because he could spend it with Jayanthi, Rethas and Krishna, tortuous because he did in fact sense that he had but a few weeks remaining.

To know that the end is near and to still go through the day takes a particular form of courage. Bhaskar had the courage. Sen. Kennedy has the courage. So do the thousands of people around the world who suffer through this horrendous disease. I hope that the association of someone as prominent as Sen. Edward Kennedy sheds more light on this disease and someday leads to its eradication.

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Bhaskar will ive on

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