Sunday, July 13, 2008

October 2007 -
Bhaski and Rethas drive to Bangalore for a concert. Night driving. Next day he had a faint headache- could be attributed to driving, lack of sleep, the hereditary migraine - any number of simple normal reasons. But, he goes back and the ever meticulous guy that he was, gets all the checks done. All "appear" normal. He has a blackout in the office and when further tests are conducted, the tumor shows up. Lime size, they said. Immediate surgery required. I was in Chennai before he went in for the surgery. After which the usual biopsy was to be done and the final verdict to be declared. Through all of this, having faced the dreaded "CANCER" thrice before and having researched on the net and speaking to doctors, the future was very discouraging.
The will to live and the spirit to fight helps us reconcile and not crumble and give it the best we have. Again the Swarna family rallies around. Kinda getting good at this!

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